Food Commodities

Our role spanning the agricultural supply chain, from farm to ,market, is distinctive. We assist our partners in overcoming their biggest challenges and capturing their biggest opportunities by matching needs with solutions.

Oiltec can build the connections to support you, whether you're a farmer looking to access markets or buyer looking for the best sources. We connect our knowledge with our food commodity expertise and manage our supply chain from sourcing at origin all the way through delivering products to our customers’ doorsteps.

With an extensive experience as one of the leading providers of food commodities, and financial services to the world, we can draw upon diverse, global expertise to find the solutions our customers seek. We focus on being a reliable partner, uniting with our customers to provide consumers with quality products, today and tomorrow.

We source, store, trade, process, and distribute, on an integrated global basis. We have a great amount of experience, and we have a significant global presence in the origination, shipping, and logistics. We can provide great value to our customers all around the world thanks to the efficiency of our supply chains combined with origin and logistical flexibility


Pharmaceutical Distribution and Medical Supplies Solutions for your pharmacy, hospital, medical practice or government As a fast growing pharmaceutical Trading company in UAE, we are engaged in sourcing and distributing.

Our products give pharmacies, healthcare organizations, clinics, hospital and governments the products they need for a better healthcare.

We aim to create a better patient experience, rely on our precise, safe, and quick medicine distribution services. Our company's business model entails the importation and distribution of patented and nonpatented goods, generic goods, over-the-counter EU medicines, narcotic drugs, medical devices.

As well as trade in high-quality pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and contract manufacturing services for third parties.


We have in-depth understanding of a variety of product lines, for the different customer needs of a diverse range of equipment, all your engineering & consumables needs, we cover a comprehensive range of products, after sales services and rentals across a wide landscape of Industries.

Oiltec has already established a solid reputation-- to provide customers the right machine at the right price. Our pillars for creating a strong basis for our devoted and continually expanding consumer base are professionalism and sincerity.

As a result, our reputation has surpassed Middle Eastern boundaries and created a strong presence in Africa.