Our Mission


At Oiltec, our mission is to stand out and become quality and reliable supplier in the distribution and international expansion of oils, greases and petroleum products around the whole world. We also want to raise awareness about our brand and gain worldwide recognition.

Some of our business values include modernity, unity, innovative solutions and the use of the latest technology in our daily business operation. We understand that our business can only get to a greater height through our customers, and that is why customer's satisfaction remains our utmost priority.

By doing this, we ensure that only the highest quality petroleum products are supplied to our customers; we also encourage professional collaboration by integrating business processes into a single entity.


Oiltec has a global network of authorized distributors who meets the stringent requirements related to products quality handling, training, qualification and brand representation. We work closely with them to ensure you are able to extract maximum value from our industrial lubricants. Through our global network, we deliver the right fuels and lubricants, at the right time, to the right place. You don't have to worry about getting our products to your doorstep, our global network of distributors help us ensure that our products are readily available in various parts of the globe.


With the API certificate, manufacturing is done in accordance with ISO-9001:2015 following all OEMs requirements. At Oiltec, our policy is aimed at meeting our customer's requirements as much as possible, without losing sight of aspects like security, health and environment. With our extensive range of high-quality oils, a growing number of customers now trust Oiltec to provide cleaner running engines, better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and longer equipment life.


For us, the safety of our people and equipment are of great importance when using lubricants. That's why OILTEC products meet the strictest quality standards and have been approved by major equipment manufacturers from around the world. From the initial design stages, our R&D teams integrate new product's parameters which are conducive for the reduction of toxicity risks and VOC emissions, biodegradability, and elimination of the products wastes.