About Us

Oiltec Global is a lubricants manufacturer and commodity trading company with a strong presence and focus on the international market. Our production sites are located in the UAE, with our TECX brand name, products and distribution network extending worldwide!

With strong sourcing, financial and logistics capabilities, Oiltec delivers long-term value to our customers, suppliers and partners by providing comprehensive trading solutions.

More About Us


With over 3 billion USD in successfully executed transactions, the partners at Oiltec have an extended trading track record in global emerging markets, specialized in the trading of food commodities, pharmaceutical supplies, petroleum-based products and specialized equipment.

Oiltec has created a wide network of suppliers, with a long-term trusted relationship making sourcing and procurement easy and reliable.

With the advantage of being present at the ground, we have the local distribution network in various emerging markets, specially in Africa. This distribution and logistics network gives Oiltec an unparalleled knowledge and capacity compared to our competitors.

Always looking for solutions of procurement and supply connected to a financial line of credit or trade finance, Oiltec permits clients, suppliers and partners to grow with guaranteed successful transactions.

Reliability, efficiency and responsibility define Oiltec as a company and the services provided by the company.