Oiltec Global is a lubricants manufacturer and commodity trading company with a strong presence and focus on the international market. Our production sites are located in the UAE, with our TECX brand name, products and distribution network extending worldwide!

With strong sourcing, financial and logistics capabilities, Oiltec delivers long-term value to our customers, suppliers and partners by providing comprehensive trading solutions.

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As a manufacturer, Oiltec created and launched the TecX brand of premium lubricants and oil products, developing its product range and distributing it internationally delivering superior results and performance.

Now distributing to over 20 countries, Oiltec provides a complete range of lubricating oils, from engine oil to automatic transmission fluids, greases and hydraulic oil.

TecX lubricants are made from first-grade mineral, virgin base oils and high-quality additives to meet the highest industry standards.

Oiltec holds the mission to make TecX stand out and become a household name in the supply and international expansion of oils, greases and petroleum products around the world.

More About Us
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Our Core Values

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Become Our Distributor

Oiltec is an open, innovative, client-oriented company. We ensure that all our distributors get the right support needed to succeed and remain competitive in today’s evolving world. When you choose to become part of our global distributor’s network, you stand to gain the following:

  • High-quality TecX oil products
  • Profitable business for distributors
  • Trusted superior & reliable performance
  • Problem-solving for customers
  • Technical innovation
  • Excellent technical and after-sales support

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